Monday, October 26, 2015

So many Inktobers!

Inktober is my favorite time of year. The failed sketches falling from the trees, the smells of spilled ink, the burning sketchbooks...

I went with the theme of Vintage Monsters and Cryptozoology creatures this year.

Creature from the Black Swamp?

Flatwoods Monster.

Classic Ghoul.


The more benign Black Shuck. I prefer those stories of him saving lost maidens then his other hellish adventures.

A more manly Wolfman.

Vintage alien vs. newish alien. 

Chupacabra family.

King of Monsters, 1954 Godzilla.

Invisible Man.


The scariest of monsters-Nosferatool.


Jersey (Shore) Devil.

The misadventures of a shark named Jaws.

Akhlut, an Inuit wolf-orca monster.
More to come!

Monday, May 11, 2015


I haven't updated in A MILLION YEARS but I saw some other fantastic artists on blogspot and it made me want to revisit and revive my dead blog. 
This is what happened. 


A lot has happened since my last update! I'm working as a storyboard artist at Disney Interactive. 
AND I LOVE IT. My coworkers are so awesome and I love working on Disney Infinity and it's just so much fun coming into work each day. Being surrounded by so many amazing artists and storytellers is so inspiring. 
And so intimidating. 
But luckily they're all super nice and don't make fun of my love for dinosaurs too much. 

I will try to keep up this blog in addition to my Tumblr and Instagram. If anyone is still around here, that is...
Goodbye for now!

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