Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Several Stories

 Lately I've been just sketching at the end of the day's work to unwind before heading to bed. I don't start with a story or characters, I just start to sketch whatever comes and let the story evolve. Here are a few.

These little orca bird guys came out of some of the scribbles that I did. I’m sure they’re some little native tribe in the northwest. And they all have things they like to do and jobs in the tribe, like a poet, or a magician, or a witch, or a street performer. But they have one common enemy, and that’s Beaky there. I’m thinking he’s some scary story to tell to their kids to make them behave, about how he comes and gobbles them all up if they don’t obey their parents. But then it turns out that he’s actually real and does start to steal and gobble up people of the tribe. 

I was gesturing from rodeos to loosen up for a project I’m boarding on and this story about a kid who comes to the West from London and a Native American mustang just kept forming. Boy is not a cowboy. Mustang knows this.

 These two are Little Tawa and Koyemsi. Tawa is a Sunface kachina with a habit of exploring and dragging his friend Koyemsi along. Koyemsi is a Mudhead Kachina who’s supposed to be a clown, but instead is introverted and has somewhat of a temper. Tawa helps to balance out Koyemsi’s melancholy nature while Koyemsi keeps Tawa out of trouble. Sometimes. 
Also featured is an Angak’china (Long-Haired kachina) and a variation of an Angwusnasomtaka (Crow Mother kachina).

These were just done for fun, but I would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions that you would have. One or all may turn into something in the future!

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